Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Journey Into Darkness for a Good Cause

Inspired by J.A. Konrath, I have decided to donate all profits for Journey Into Darkness: A Kim Journey Thriller from now until the end of April to a charity called First Books, which buys books for children who don't have any. If you feel this blog has helped you, or if you just feel like donating a couple of dollars to a truly worthy charity, please support the cause by buying a copy and spreading the word. Thank you. On May 1 I will announce how much money we were able to raise.

When flight nurse Kim Journey was eleven, her five-year-old sister Jennifer disappeared.

Kim was supposed to be watching her.

Plagued with guilt for many years, Kim believes in her heart Jenny is still alive. She takes traveling assignments and tacks posters all over the country with computer-generated photos of what Jenny would look like now.

On a Life Flight call to a cardiac emergency, Kim discovers something horrifying, something grave and sinister and impossible to ignore. As the only living witness to this atrocity, she feels compelled to launch an investigation.

With no help from the police, and her nursing license in jeopardy, Kim must strike out on her own in an effort to discover what really happened.

But the truth seems to be elusive in the small town of Hallows Cove, Florida, and Kim soon finds herself tumbling headfirst into a black maze of deceit, betrayal, and murder.

Will these bizarre and brutal crimes in the deep south finally lead Kim to her long lost sister?

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