Sunday, March 20, 2011

By Darkness Revealed by Kevin O. McLaughlin

What's the genre? What is it you like or don't like about this cover? Does it make you want to know more about the book? Does it make you want to BUY the book? Discuss.


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  2. Two words come to mind "Jurassic Park." This cover really resembles the original JP cover. Was it intentional? Not necessarily a bad thing. Hey, it worked for Crichton, right?

    Although this is a scary looking cover, I don't think it's straight up horror. Maybe it's a thriller with fear provoking elements.

    This is a good cover. Simple, strong lines, readable font. The book dimensions seem to be a little off though. But all in all, two thumbs up.


  3. I like this cover. You may want to add a border so it has a defined shape when it's displayed on a white background.

  4. Who is the author? Ryan or Kevin? Is this a translation? Or is Ryan Blackwell the main character? Either way, in the thumbnail, you won't see Ryan's name.

    The color scheme is good, but the letters in general are too narrow.

    I think "comic horror" when I see this cover :) I would pick this up in the bookstore and a 75% chance I would click-thru online. Price, length and description are all probable deterrents for me, but I may buy this one.


  5. I too got the "Jurassic Park" vibe from this. But putting that aside.

    If this is a horror book then the artwork does not make me feel afraid. It's just too much of a cartoon. If it's "comic horror" then the artwork works.

    The text maybe should read "A Ryan Blackwell adventure". Then Novel by Kevin O. McLaughlin.

  6. I'd say horror or thriller, but either way I'm mixed on this one only because the black thing doesn't exactly look menacing. Its expression is more happy than threatening, which contrasts with the the creepy hands. I do like the colors and the contrast; it's straightforward and uncluttered, and I think the fonts work though they could be a touch bolder.

  7. I would guess comic horror for the genre. I don't mind "A Ryan Blackwell Novel." You see that all the time with series. The font could be a tad bolder, but overall I like this one a lot.

  8. This cover does a good job of suggesting disturbing creepiness with clean, simple graphics. I don't mind at all that the figure is smiling -- it just makes it all the more creepy.

    I really appreciate the simplicity of the graphic design.

  9. Thank you all - I really appreciate the comments and critique. This is my art, for my book. I've done 3D art for computer games before, and had some college classwork in 2D design, but this was something very new, and I've had to work at learning the ropes on making covers.

    The book itself is a contemporary fantasy/adventure, not a SF-thriller like most of Crichton's work, but the borrowing of style was intentional. ;) I think that the importance of the thumbnail in ebooks can make that style of cover (simple, iconic art) work well.

    I'll do something to clear up the confusion around the "Ryan Blackwell Novel" bit - probably replace novel with adventure. I've actually already added a thin dark line around the edge - spotted that issue right away.

    Thanks again for all the comments! Sounds like I hit the tone pretty well, and your words gave me a much needed shot of confidence. :)