Monday, March 21, 2011

Modesty by Phillip Thomas Duck

What's the genre? What is it you like or don't like about this cover? Does it make you want to know more about the book? Does it make you want to BUY the book? Discuss.


  1. My first impression for genre is erotica. I'll admit I did have to ponder this one a bit and click on this picture to make it larger before I could read the tag line along the bottom. That line is all but unreadable; especially the word 'trouble' if that is in fact the word. I'm still not sure, but my eyes aren't the best. All the same, a tag line readers must strain to read doesn't have the impact is should. But I leaned towards erotica over romance for several reasons. The words 'modesty', 'temptation' and 'opportunity' combined with a submissively posed half-naked young woman all bring to mind a certain level of erotica.

    Bear in mind that's not a genre I write or regularly read. I may be completely off the mark and to regular erotica readers it sends an entirely different message, but from someone who normally reads mysteries, thrillers and suspense that’s the message I'm getting. If this is in fact any of the above, there's nothing cluing me in and I'd likely pass. I do like the bold but simple image itself and I like the way the title is positioned (though it could be molded to more closely fit the contours of her arm and you could gain some font size in the process.)

  2. Thanks C.E. It's actually a romantic suspense. Far from erotica :-) Although, I chose that cover to pull in the readers, it seems skin does that. I have included the product description so that you can see why the image was chosen, might make more sense. Thanks for taking the time to analyze :-)

    Product Description
    Eight calls…

    From an unfamiliar number…

    For rape survivor and “infidelity photographer”, Terri Welker, the question is far greater than should she answer. The question is: What should she do now that she has been found? Run again? Or stay and fight for the new life she has created photographing cheating spouses for James Boston Investigations?

    The breathtaking continuation of the Excuse Me, Miss Series

    Currently available for 99 cents!

  3. I'm going to guess erotica or erotic romance because of the semi-naked woman.

    I like the image, but can't read the tagline at all. It's way to small and illegible even at this size. I'm sure it's just a blurry line at thumbnail. And the last word is impossible to make out even when you enlarge it.

    ETA: I just read your post and I never would have guessed romantic suspense from your cover or title. I see a complete disconnect between your blurb and your cover. And I read a LOT of romantic suspense, too. I would have passed right over this, assuming it was erotica.

  4. It's eye catching. I'll give you that.

    I'm with CE on the erotica vibe. For romance the man has to show the skin, I think. We need Katie here to help with that.

    I'm also with him on the tag line, maybe break it at "equals" and make the last word (whatever it is) in red to match the Modesty font color.

    It doesn't look very suspenseful, nor terribly romantic.

    Coupled with the blurb, my immediate response is "next" ... The reference to "rape survivor" coupled with the submissive, half naked woman makes me go, "No."

  5. Well, it certainly grabs the eye. Very much erotica vibe. I think there's too much going on as far as text. Not something I'd even pick up.

  6. By the looks of it, I'd guess this is erotica without a fizzle.

    With all due respect, I suggest a do-over from scratch with this cover.

    The title written across her arm is an eye sore. It is covering a lot of her body and most importantly, it is covering a lot of the angles (from her elbows) from the picture's composition. The result is awkward and aesthetically unpleasant.

    One could argue that since the title is "Modest", it could be a clever thing to have the title partially cover her body. To which I'd say that it can only be clever, if it works. To me, it has made the overall composition clunky. (sorry!)

    Others have already mentioned that the tag line is unreadable. I absolutely agree. I too had a hard time trying to figure it out.

  7. I actually didn't think erotica, mostly because the erotica covers I've seen have two people, practically naked on the cover. I like the picture, but it doesn't say ROMANCE to me, it says more like gritty adult contemporary.

    The fonts bother me. Especially your title font. I would also consider a color change. And your name up in the corner should move, because I feel like it's the first thing I see, which should be the title (love the lipstick color of it, though).

    Uncertain about the tagline. Part of me says ditch it, but the other part says it's helping. So I don't know.

  8. I am not a big fan of this cover.

    The image does not say Romance. It on the border of erotica and thriller. (That was my first impression.

    I really dislike all the fonts and their placment. As many other people have said the bottom text is almost impossible to read.

    I would also agree that it's time to rethink this one.

  9. My first guess is Chick-lit.

    Is Phillip Thomas Duck the author? I kind of think that, but I can't be sure.

    Also, I got my nose all the way up to my giant screen to read the bottom text. Here is my best guess:
    Temptation plus opportunity equals dirigibles.

    ... I don't know what that is supposed to mean. If I meet a lusty young partner, free dirigible rides for all!! (Sounds saucy!)

    I think there is too much text on the cover. It's random. Is the font the same? It's angled all crazy. I guess it doesn't matter much because I can't read anything but "Modesty" in the thumbnail anyway. I like the color scheme and the main image.

    Unfortunately, I would probably pass on this cover because there is too much going on. I would worry the writing would be as scattered!

    Sorry :(