Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Relaxing the Writer by Amber Polo

What's the genre? What is it you like or don't like about this cover? Does it make you want to know more about the book? Does it make you want to BUY the book? Discuss.


  1. Non fiction guidebook.

    Love the cover art. Love it. I think I might have made the title a bit heavier/bolder and kerned it so it was even left and right. Other than that I really can't find anything to pick on.

    Did I mention I love the cover art? I'm looking for cover artists to add to my Book Cover Blog (hint, hint)


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  3. Cover artist: Connie Fisher (connie at connieleemarie dot com)

  4. Thanks Jude! Very much appreciated.

  5. Definitely non fiction.

    The cover art appears busy-with-a-purpose. That means busy in a good way. The squiggly and whirlies make me think of energy. Placement of the letters CALM on the fingers was a nice touch.

    I'd agree with Robin in regards to the title. The flow would be even better with the title situated a little to the left corner (meaning my left when facing the cover lol!!)

  6. For a non-fiction book I think that this works.

    Yes, it's a touch busy, but I think that it's well balanced so it doesn't bother me that much.

  7. This cover works for me.
    My first thought that was that the illustration ought to show something 'writing'. But on reflection, I see that this wouldn't be necessary. With the word 'writer' in the title and in the subtitle, it's clear what this book is about, and the illustration doesn't need to reinforce it.
    The illustration conveys 'relaxation', 'creativity' and 'joy'. That's the perfect complement to the factual title and subtitle.
    Well done.