Thursday, December 15, 2011

All for a Dead Man's Leg by R. Ann Siracusa

What's the genre? What is it you like or don't like about this cover? Does it make you want to know more about the book? Does it make you want to BUY the book? Discuss.


  1. I think it's a good idea that probably got waylaid a little. The feet with the's a strong visual, but it's weakened by the brightness and busyness of the background. It would probably improve with a darker overlay of colour (behind the feet layer but before the background layer). The title itself is intriguing. The font is one I'm not overly keen on, and my personal aesthetic (both visual and verbal/emphasis-wise) would be to roll DEAD down to sit with MAN'S. I think the little blurb above the title is a tad too long. And final bit of humbuggery...I'm not certain the toe tag is an obvious way to list the author name. But it IS a fun way!

  2. I would say this is a murder mystery.

    The cover has some good ideas, but also has some problems. Too much text and too hard to read to start with. I would lose all that text above the title and just fill it with the title.

    There is also too much dead space at the upper half of the image. You could lose about 1/3 of it and it would improve the cover moving up the feet as well.

  3. I don't need to say a thing on this one; Willsin and Eric have pretty much summed it up.

  4. I thought is is fun and cute. A darker color would indicate a darker read instead of a humorous read.

  5. I like the feet in the courtyard-type surroundings. They suggest humour with a touch of the macabre. For the genre, I'm guessing it's a humorous mystery.

    I don't like the various bits at the top. First there's a slice of Moroccan arches, then a strip of black, then strip with stylised stars - those things don't go together, and they don't go with the main illustration. I would suggest simply leaving them off.

    The publisher's name at the top could be left off, too. It make sense to display the publisher's name on a book cover if the book is only ever viewed in full-sized print in a brick-and-mortar bookshop, but if it's an e-book, or if it's a print book and sold through online retailers, the cover will be viewed mostly at thumbnail size. The publisher's name is too small to read at thumbnail size, and only clutters up the cover. It would be better to mention the publisher's name in the book description instead of on the cover. Even if it's a print book sold exclusively in brick&mortar stores, I wouldn't put the publisher's name on the front cover. The back cover is customary and more appropriate.

    The logline is also way too small for a cover viewed at thumbnail size. Unless the book only ever gets viewed in print at full size in brick&mortar stores with no plans to sell it online, I would recommend taking it off the cover and putting it in the blurb instead.

    I think this cover could be really great if it was just the courtyard with the feet, and the title and byline at the bottom.

    This is just my opinion, of course.