Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Crystal Warrior by Maree Anderson

What's the genre? What is it you like or don't like about this cover? Does it make you want to know more about the book? Does it make you want to BUY the book? Discuss.


  1. Fantasy, I guess, although that isn't quite as clear to me as I might like. I'm not crazy about this cover and I can't put my finger on why. The title doesn't pop out very well, but there is something about the art that I don't quite like. Maybe that's just me. Hopefully, some of our other more erudite commenters will come along with better comments.

  2. I don't like it much either. And I'm kind of like you J. R., it's not one single overwhelming reason.

    I don't like the typeface and it's all one weight so it's just kind of boring. I don't like the model either I'm afraid. I'm not much on greasy/oiled men for one thing, and for another, the light glaring on his greased up scapula makes him look like he has a back set of manboobs to go with the front set, except even bigger and set higher.

    The glow on the crystal as well as the background are just not that well done. Too obvious, too overdone (on the blue glow), and I don't like the white to black. its placement actually helps highlight that whole scapula problem.

    Unfortunately to me this cover says amateur.

    And for all, I've put together a new blog on cover design at, feel free to drop in and yes, I am also willing to critique covers there; I have this site linked as well (and thanks Jude for allowing me to do that).

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  4. This cover attracted my attention. It's very eye-catching, with its light/dark contrasts and its limited colour scheme. On a page with a dozen other thumbnail-sized e-book covers, this one would stand out.

    It would draw my eye, and I would have a closer look at it, so it serves stage 1 of the AIDA process.

    Once I had a closer look, would I be interested in finding out more (stage 2 of the AIDA process)?

    Possibly not.

    Something about the man's posture is off-putting - the way his shoulders hunch forward, the angle of his neck. He looks like he's cowering from something. I don't know if this is intentional, but I know I don't like it. I don't want to read about cowering heroes. :-)

    I like the clear fonts of the title and byline. They are easy to read even when the cover is viewed at thumbnail size, so they serve their purpose well.

    The note about the award shouldn't be on the cover, in my opinion. It should be in the book description. On the cover, it's just a distracting element. When the cover is viewed at thumbnail size, the note is too small to read anyway. And anything which can't be seen or read at thumbnail size is wasted.

    In the days of print books sold in print&mortar stores, it was different: then the covers were viewed at a larger size, and there was room for additional text. But with most book sales happening online at Amazon and similar sites, the covers are initially seen at thumbnail size, and small details hinder rather than help.

    The award is worth mentioning, of course, but not on the cover.

    For the genre, I'm guessing fantasy.

  5. My guess is fantasy. I like the colors.

    As for the design... It kind of looks like a textbook cover design with the pedestrian style font and that award listed at the bottom.

    The model is rather odd looking. His head is huge compared to what's seen of the rest of his body. Kind of like dwarfism. Maybe he is a dwarf in the story. That's possible.

    Anyway, this cover would not entice me to buy the book. It looks more like a textbook than a novel.

  6. Love the colors. That blue really pops. The crystal is intriguing. I would definitely check out the description after seeing the cover.

    And just my opinion, I don't sit and nitpick covers when I'm browsing for books. I look for covers that catch my attention and send me looking for more info. An easy to read font, clean lines or a picture that grabs me, etc. This one would definitely do that, where many covers do not.

  7. I really like the fonts because they're easy to read. The simplicity of the cover (of which the fonts are a part) appeals to me and I love the color scheme, esp. the blue. This cover says dark fantasy to me. I didn't notice the award stuff at the bottom so maybe that's clutter.

  8. Definitely fantasy/paranormal. The man on the cover looks to be very interested in what's in his hands, which makes me interested. Everything is so clear and concise that this would stand out if grouped with other covers, even as a thumbnail.

  9. I see where some of the comments are going, I just don't agree with all of them. For instance, even though he's hunched, he's obviously got ripped muscles and he's simply looking intently at...or into...the crystals he's holding.

    Oily? I thought hot, sweaty...well, you know the rest. (g)

    It would catch my eye and I'd be curious enough to take another look.

    Sandy Elzie

  10. Clean, concise, eye catching, well-balanced colors. Says paranormal. Sexy enough to say romance, but not over the top. I scrolled to thumbnail size and it was still obvious. Title and author show well. The crystal formation is very intriguing.

    It's a great cover. A cover isn't supposed to tell the entire story, it's supposed to grab the readers attention and represent the book. This one does it. Very professional.

  11. I like the color combination. The blue makes a great contrast with the dark background; the combo creates a mysterious mood that piques my curiosity.

  12. I would guess Fantasy.

    I don't think that this is a very strong cover. The profile angle is very boring, 3/4 or head on would have been such a much stronger and dramatic angle.

    The fonts are not right. There is so much more one can do with the text help this cover. I would put the name of the book at the TOP of the cover and choose a more eye catching font.

  13. Definitely fantasy and I quite like the man with the crystal. It makes me wonder what the book is about. However, I agree that the font used for the author and title really let it down. They make it look bland and uninteresting somehow. My eye isn't immediately attracted to the title and the author's name doesn't jump out at me.

  14. This cover makes me think this is a paranormal romance. The cover does make me want to read the book...but then I'm attracted to muscular, dark-haired alpha hero types. I think the crystal is also intriguing.

  15. I like the cover. I think the colors are great. It has a paranormal/fantasy feel to it. It catches my eye.