Friday, February 17, 2012

Exceeding Expectations by Lisa April Smith

What's the genre? What is it you like or don't like about this cover? Does it make you want to know more about the book? Does it make you want to BUY the book? Discuss.


  1. I do not have a clue to what the genre is. Could be anything up to a self help book.

    The red is bold, the image is alright. The title text is a bit bland. I think that the author's name is way too small.

  2. Unfortunately this cover does not look professionally done but rather an amateur work. I don't care for the painting/artwork at all; it's unattractive and weird; what is that thing across the right side? (note, I'm not saying it's bad art, I'm saying it's odd art for the cover of a book). The frame looks amateurish and it does not show well against the flat red of the background. The typeface is boring, the author name is too small.

    I wish I could say something more positive about the cover but for me this would be a complete redo. I have no idea of genre or even if it's fiction or non fiction.