Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Knight in Brooklyn by Casea Major

What's the genre? What is it you like or don't like about this cover? Does it make you want to know more about the book? Does it make you want to BUY the book? Discuss.


  1. Hey, I've read this one ;-)

    I really like the cover. I think it's an overall good cover and especially considering it's a novella, which could generally expected to have a less detailed cover, it's good. My only complaints would be that since both the castle and the their dress are in historical period, there is no clue that it's time travel. The other would be, and this is just a personal pet peeve of mine, but in the small form, it's hard to read the title and the author's name. It would be my preference to fade out more of the picture to make the text readable in small size, especially for a digital-only book. But that is a really common issue, not specific to this cover.

    Oh, and I really love the sunset colors!

  2. I love your cover. It compliments your story perfectly.
    One thing that annoys me about some covers is the models some authors use don't match close enough to the description of them in the book. Yours do!!!

  3. I really like this cover. It's sexy enough--the guy is really hot--and the castle image oozes romance. I agree that the castle and their clothing makes this look like an historical, but I don't know there's any way to get across the idea that it's time travel. A majority of the book does take place in the past, so the reader isn't really misled too badly. I'd buy it based on the cover. I've read the story and the cover fits perfectly. It's pretty too!

  4. I read the book and the cover is perfect for the story. The only thing "maybe" misleading is that readers would think its historical when its really a time travel. Excellent story none the less.


  5. I love the cover! Of course, you put a totally hot male, barechested, on it, I'll be picking it up at the store!! Cool, especially in relation to what the story's about. :)


  6. I think it's a great cover--and story. The guy on front is hot and the rest of the cover pretty. Like others, I can see how it would be hard to determine that the story is a time travel. But that doesn't bother me. I never buy a book on cover alone. I also take the back cover into account.

  7. I love your cover. There is nothing in it that says historical to me. The woman's clothing is very modern.

  8. Like the cover. It looks like a romance and maybe a foreign setting. I would have never guessed time travel. But like some others pointed out, I don't judge a book by the cover.

  9. Okay, now that we are through with the gratuitous fan posts by people who seem to be staged more to promote the book than to actually discuss the cover....let's discuss design.

    I am not that enamoured with this cover. I does have some good points. I like the color scheme. I like the castle and the sunset. The typface isn't too bad and somewhat denotes a medieval feel, though I really don't like the "n" in Knight. (Yes, I am a font nazi, get used to it. ;)

    The author name is very difficult to read against the castle background. I don't know what the purple blob is over to the left of the author's name, but for the ebook version, I'd lose it.

    I'm very confused as to whether this is historical or contemporary. The "Brooklyn" seems to hint at contemporary. Her cheesy outfit (I'm sorry but... green? Really? She looks like she's wearing a bad leprechaun costume and it clashes with the rest of the color scheme) seems to be trying to be historical. But the fact that it's a photo, not a painting, again slews it toward contemporary. Maybe time travel? But if it was time travel I'd still want to give it a painterly look since the title indicates a knight.

    In addition to my typeface addiction, I have a real aversion to elements floating in air with no anchor. People amputated at the waist to accommodate the tile kind of just make me cringe.

    I honestly think the cover would have been a lot stronger without the couple at all. The castle, the color scheme, the title may be able to carry this book. The couple (and the purple blobby thing) just do not work for me.

  10. Agree with Robin right down the line. And where the hell is "Brooklyn" in this design? Right. Nowhere.