Monday, January 16, 2012

Fire and Ice by Jude Hardin

What's the genre? What is it you like or don't like about this cover? Does it make you want to know more about the book? Does it make you want to BUY the book? Discuss.


  1. Horror. This is an attention getting cover. I still don't like the way they make the series title look like the novel title in these, but I assume it works for them. Other than that, I think this is a great cover. Not my genre at all, but for those who like it--which is a lot of people--this should grab them.

  2. I really like the cover overall though I agree with J.R. that the series tile and the novel title getting confusing.

    My only small quibble would be with the green accents. I love the color, but somehow there is nothing of "ice" in this cover. If the green were a blue-green, something deeply darkly cold looking, that could cover the "ice" angle.

  3. I find this cover eye-catching, but confusing.

    Is are these several titles? Does the book contain two novels by three authors? If so, a more symmetrical design would work better for me, i.e. each title and byline the same distance from the upper or lower margin, and either both with a figure in it or none with a figure.

    The skull in the flames is a striking image, really strong and eye-catching. The genre is horror.

    The image attracts me (I enjoy horror) but the confusion over the titles (or whatever those are) is putting me off.

    Presumably the blurb would explain whether it's a two-novel book or what. But I'm afraid I wouldn't bother to read the blurb to find out. I'd continue browsing for something which doesn't confuse me. Sorry.

  4. Rayne, The Dead Man is the name of the series created by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin, and Fire and Ice is the title of this episode written by me. I previously posted a cover for another episode, and some of the commenters voiced similar issues.

  5. Agree with the confusion issue re the titles. It screams (heh) to be addressed, but it seems as if the creators aren't paying any mind to the feedback they're getting. Too bad for them. Like the skull and flames, but of course, it's been done (Ghost Rider, and a slew of others). Nothing new under the sun...